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    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Mitt Romney moving ahead

    So far, the choices for Republican are so poor, that this guy is a front runner.

    I say this:

    Beware of his attraction because he is handsome photogenic. This attraction of the eyes will get him lots of votes.

    Beware of his focus on values. They are likable values of family and prayer, chastity and fidelity. However values are always based on something. And Mormon basics are sadly flawed. It's the basics that will show under stress.

    Beware of his polished presentation. When explaining away Mormon polygamy to Mike Wallace, Mitt comes up with "I can't imaging anything more awful". Comon Mitt, nothing more awful? Who taught you to say that? It's over the top soap opera drama.

    When Clinton looked me in the eye on television, wagged his finger and said "I did not have sex with that woman", it was the crack in his credibility that opened my eyes to the fact that he was a basic liar. I was his pawn to be manipulated as he saw fit. I didn't care if he had sex with that woman, but I did care that he would lie about it.

    When Romney says polygamy is the most awful thing he can think of, it's a lie. Not as blatant as Clinton, but a concoction of polished media image. His 4 years would be all polished presentation resonant with this media warped culture. And under stress I think we would suffer as his flawed basics prove themselves in action on the world stage.

    I heard that Bob Barker is retiring. That's the correct slot for Romney. As a game show host I am comfortable with him. But as a President? Just go away.



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