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    Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    Voice of the faithful (VOTF) dark mirror

    The VOTF is not allowed to use Catholic property for their gatherings. Mainly
    because they proclaim without understanding. And to avoid any misunderstandings
    about their position.

    Once in a while, as they speak of themselves, a mirror-mirror-on-the-wall portrait appears...



    faces alight with hope and with caring,

    graced to lift up their church,

    served well by their informed views and actions,

    We are the church,

    They pray for the victims of sexual abuse , [and the]

    bishops that they may respond to the call to holiness and truth,

    Please hear our voice,

    and let our voice be heard,

    at this hour needs them [VOTF] as never before,

    they have chosen the preferred model of church for our time,

    The old traditional "household" model ...residing in the hierarchy... is no good at listening to the informed and committed voices of this age,

    The church of Rome, protective of its authority drenched in an aura it heralds as fusion of tradition and "manliness," rejects that enlightened proposition,

    refuses to accept the judicious and, I think, all too modest propositions of the Voice of the Faithful,

    prohibits the members from meeting in church facilities... The ignominy of this rejection by a retrogressive hierarchy leaves an ugly stain on the church record,

    The nation's new cardinal, Boston's Sean O'Malley... will settle old scores with aggrieved people... fellow bishops will abandon their campaign to block gay marriages and gay adoptions... In meeting with the pope, he will share his people's concerns and grievances even though he may not condone them or fully understand them.. he will be blessed with the help of new appointments to his staff, buoyed by the energy and fresh insights that these assistants will provide,

    they and the bishops... will pursue inter-faith meetings, mindful that ecumenical dialogue fosters not only closer ties with other religious leaders but also the gift of self-discovery and greater understanding of one's own faith... will take seriously the words of prophet-theologian Johnson "the theological impoverishment of the church today is real and if something is not changed, it will undoubtedly get worse",

    Those of us who long for a church in which it is possible to be both smart and holy.

    Smart, holy, and enlightened VOTF. Well, at least until the mirror


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