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    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    With Priests like these

    One recent Sunday, when many priests and pastors across Minnesota were urging their flocks to support a statewide constitutional ban on gay marriage, parishioners at St. Edward's Church were instead asked to pray for "those whose human dignity is under assault by hatred and prejudice."


    But some priests, like those at St. Edward's, won't sign on - arguing that Jesus spoke of inclusion, not exclusion, and that the church should not undermine stable gay relationships.

    It's not the relationships, it's the sex acts and attempts to adopt

    "Anybody who wants to be in a committed relationship and have children - I say God bless them," said the Rev. Mike Tegeder, head pastor at St. Edward's. "I just don't see it as what we should be about. There's so many other things we can be doing to strengthen marriages."

    "have children"? How exactly does that work Mr. Tegeder? We're talking
    shamefully incompatible devices here Mike.

    "I'm really disappointed that the bishops got involved," Tegeder said. "People are tired of being dictated to by a bunch of guys, frankly, without a very good track record."

    This would be an interesting guy to go to Confession to. But then again,
    why bother?



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