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    Monday, March 06, 2006

    When did we start giving kids to non-married people?

    This article from 'Pridesource' (there's that chief of the 7 deadly's again),
    a homosexual, bisexual, transgender, whatever source.


    They take 'pride' in the fact that Christians are not very organized yet
    regarding gay adoption.

    It is true that we are preoccupied trying to defend marriage, but it looks
    like the defense of marriage will have little effect on gay adoptions since they
    are handing over kids to the non-married.

    When the heck did this creepy child abuse become normal?

    There's finally some good news for gay and lesbian families when it comes to putting their rights to a test at the ballot box: A much-anticipated and highly feared state-by-state push to ban gay and lesbian people from adopting children seems not to have gotten off the ground.

    Many gay activists had anticipated that a rash of anti-gay adoption laws might sweep numerous states on the heels of the successful anti-gay marriage laws that voters overwhelming supported when they hit the ballot boxes.

    Gay rights activists expected there could be proposed anti-gay adoption bans this year in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas, as well as Ohio.

    But so far this year, at least, only Ohio has seen a bill introduced in the state legislature that would ban gay and lesbian people from adopting children.

    And even there, the bill looks headed for defeat.

    Of course, the relatively good news so far on the lack of anti-gay adoption bills is not a reason to let down our guard. Some activists who work on this issue recently told the Washington Blade, a D.C. gay paper, that they think the adoption bills are not sprouting up because it simply hasn't been the right timing yet. It is still possible for them to gain momentum, the activists warn.

    But so far, at least, there is some hope in the lack of anti-gay adoption bills on the legislative scene this year.

    Maybe Americans are finally recognizing that the child's best interest really is a more important consideration than the unfounded prejudices of anti-gay fear-mongers.

    That's me... an "anti-gay fear-monger". Specifically I am

    It is not the proud effeminate males that scare me, but the big longing-eyes
    parents in this picture that make me fear for the little ones. Studies or no


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