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    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Sex "up there"

    An interesting article regarding what different religions think about sex and
    heaven. The only one I know about is the muslims with their 72 virgins as a
    reward for teenage jihad 'martyrs'.


    Mark Twain thought about this. For any sane person, he wrote, heaven would be an intolerable bore.

    "If you take the opposite sex out of the picture, that would not be a heaven where I'd want to go," says Alam Payind, director of the Middle East Center at Ohio State University and a part-time imam. Yes, it's a male-dominated vision, he said, but that's woven into the fabric of Middle Eastern culture.

    Segal points out that the virgins are used to appeal mostly to teenage boys. If you're a grown man faced with the prospect of 72 heavenly wives, he said, "you'd want some of them to be experienced."

    A more relevant question may be whether there's sex in the other place. There certainly will be lots of interesting souls, so it may depend on how well the underworld is supervised.


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