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    Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    Little folks so early in their development

    What a nightmare. We stay on the good side of acting morally when we never
    let ends justify means. We simply, but heroically, can never get to a good
    result by doing a bad thing first.

    As the Church tells us over and over again, having children is a good thing,
    but you have to follow God's plan. Creating life outside the womb, freezing the
    many small little ones to suspend their development, then putting one or two
    back in their mother, is a bent attempt to produce a family at any cost.

    We can not violate the dignity of the parents and little ones, and expect
    goodness at the end of the story.


    A British woman today lost her legal battle to use frozen embryos fertilised with her former partner's sperm to have a baby.

    In her appeal to the European court, Ms Evans said the British courts had breached the convention's outlawing of discrimination by treating her differently to a woman with intact ovaries who could conceive without assistance and produce sufficient eggs for repeated attempts at IVF.

    When the 35-year-old, from Wiltshire, split from Mr Johnston, he withdrew his consent for the embryos to be used.

    Ms Evans said she was disappointed by the verdict, and pleaded with her Mr Johnston to reconsider his refusal to allow her to use the embryos.

    Mr Johnston expressed relief at the verdict, saying "common sense" had prevailed.

    The courts said the 1980 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, governing IVF treatment, stipulated that consent from both the man and the woman was vital at every stage of the process.

    Let's see...

    The man and woman were never married,

    The woman has her kids in early stages of development frozen and stored,

    The man decides he does not want the frozen folks to walk the earth, since he
    no longer wants to live with the woman, much less be her husband and their

    The dad sees all this as "common sense", the law sees this as justice. Two
    people trying in the end to do a good thing, with everything ultimately going

    Our Church with only our best interest at heart, and teaching God's ways, has
    always said to stop the nonsense.


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