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    Monday, February 13, 2006

    We already have 2 unstable anti-Christian nuclear powers, one hindu, one muslim; Could we survive an Iran?

    A crowd of Muslim women and a few men attacked a Catholic church in Pakistan's Punjab province recently, injuring two Christian women - one 70 years old - and vandalizing the building.

    At least three men and 20 women attacked the Kawanlit village chapel on February 3, leaving 70-year-old Veero Mehnga Masih with
    broken legs
    and also injuring Saleema Mazir Masih, 50.

    The mob broke windows, smashed the altar and burned Bibles.

    Despite prompt condemnation of the violence from church leaders across Punjab, police refused to file an official complaint.

    According to Fr. Bhatti, officer Khokar argued that opening a case would be a waste of time and money because the Muslims would file a counter-case. "He said, 'It will take a very long time in the court, maybe two, three, or even five years - who will spend the money?'" Fr. Bhatti told Compass from Lahore.

    Christians in Gujarat's Dang District are considering whether to evacuate before an upcoming Hindu festival scheduled to begin February 11.

    Gujarat has a history of mass murder,
    Yohannan notes, and this includes the
    killing of women and children.

    He says the upcoming festival, which may attract as many as a half a million Hindus, could very well unleash a wave of violence against Christians in the area.

    What Hindu extremists are asking people to do
    "is to put up a yellow flag on every house that is a Hindu home,"
    the ministry leader explains.

    "People who refuse to put that flag up, they treat them as anti-Indian, anti-Hindu. The tradition of this state by Hindu radicals is to simply go out and
    brutally murder people that oppose them."

    The ministry president points out that more churches have been destroyed in Gujarat than anywhere else in India. Also, he notes, in recent days GFA has received reports of native missionaries being
    beaten or kidnapped
    and church meetings attacked in other Indian states.

    Unfortunately, Yohannan says, this kind of persecution and violence happens almost daily, and the pace is increasing as the fanatics grow bolder and bolder. Nevertheless, he says Christians worldwide can take action by supporting GFA and its missionaries with their prayers.


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