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    Saturday, July 08, 2006

    Why must communists act like horse's asses all the time?

    A 72-year-old bishop in China's underground Catholic Church was detained when authorities took him from a hospital as he was recovering from surgery, a US-based group said yesterday.


    The foundation said Jia might have been detained to prevent him from contacting a Vatican delegation that was in Beijing to discuss possible diplomatic relations between the communist government and the Holy See.

    China bars Catholics from having contact with the Vatican and allows worship only in government-monitored churches.

    Millions remain loyal to the pope and worship in secret, but priests and members of their congregations are frequently detained and harassed.

    Jia, who was ordained in 1980, has been arrested nine times since January 2004, according to the Cardinal Kung Foundation.

    It said that Jia also looks after some 100 handicapped orphans.
    In its statement, the foundation didn't give details about Jia's surgery, but said he had a catheter in place when he was taken from the hospital.

    "To kick a person out of a hospital and send him away for detention with his catheter still in place and without adequate medical care is obviously naked evidence of total violation of human rights in China," foundation president Joseph Kung said in the statement.


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