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    Saturday, June 24, 2006

    Loud & Proud, taboo & anonymous

    When thousands march proudly through the streets of Paris on Saturday, young gays from the gritty housing estates where homosexuality is still taboo will be absent from the crowds.


    I think this article is interesting in how it twists and turns around the fact
    that acceptance of homosexual behavior has arrived at a plateau. Women care less about it
    than men, and among men, they better stick to academia and the rich.

    Notice how it says that in the "gritty" housing areas, homosexuality is
    "still" taboo. The liberal media assumes all this is just a matter of time. But
    I think not. The pride is displayed only in the liberal ghettos where it was
    born, and still isolated to worldly pockets of white Western and atheistic

    "In the suburbs you have to hide," said the 29-year-old, who fled to Paris as soon as he could to escape from a life of oppression and fear.

    Sorry about that poor 29-year-old. The oppression of deviant behavior is a
    normal facet of society which causes fear in the deviant. That's how human
    society has always worked. Christians make an effort to love the sinner, but do
    not make the mistake of loving the sin. The deviant try to claim "but I am the
    sin!". Not so. You "do" the sin.

    The organisation SOS Homophobia revealed a disturbing picture of life for gays and lesbians in the housing projects in its annual 2006 report, saying homosexuality was misconstrued and often associated with paedophilia and AIDS.

    Homophobia is such a tricky word. We are not afraid of homosexuals as the
    "phobia" would try to tell us. We look away with shame. Phobia is word used from
    a proud view. Homoshame would be a much clearer word creation.

    associated with AIDS? Well, of course. That where it started, and that's where
    it lives. Mainly caused by abusing orifices against nature.

    is a misconstruction. Just as with the Catholic Church's gay scandals, it was
    not love of little boys, but lust for young teen boys that drove the disaster.
    This is not the definition of paedophilia. It is the definition of homosexuality
    among males.

    "It's a terrible suffering to know that you are completely rejected by your environment," he said.

    "When I began to accept myself at 17 or 18, I realized how important it was for me to leave my hometown."

    Boris was lucky as his parents stood by him.

    It is truly important for parents to stand by their deviant sons. Not of course
    to accept the behavior, but to always accept the son.

    "The gays from the (Paris upscale) Marais area are fighting for civil liberties, for marriage and adoption. The gays from the suburbs are above all fighting to be able to tell their parents and friends that they are gay," he said.

    Here's that adoption thing again. Makes me shudder for the children's sake..
    especially boys. "To be able to tell their parents". This is all a push to make
    "gay" acceptable. Not going to happen. It needs a cure, not an outbreak.

    In some ways this weekend's Gay Pride, a kind of huge carnival which often spotlights a vast array of sexual practices, can be counter-productive.

    "We want to achieve indifference by highlighting the differences. But how can you be accepted by showing off your sexual exploits," said Boris, who said he was shocked by some of the images he saw on marches.

    This array of sexual practices on display focuses on an important element. It is
    sexual practice that these folks are using to define themselves. Sexual practice
    is not central to who anyone is. The act does not define the person. As it has
    always been, this fighting for rights has been the fight for sexual deviance
    which among some parts of society finds a home. Sexual acts do not define the
    "person" any more than hair color, race, or profession. It's the acts that need
    to be controlled.

    And yes, the aim of all these public displays is to achieve indifference from
    society. Again, not going to happen universally. And especially it is not going
    to happen among Christians.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    "The deviant try to claim 'but I am the
    sin!'. Not so. You 'do' the sin."

    A small refinement here if I may. It would incorrect to make too much of the distinction between being and doing here lest the whole conception of merit fall on it's face. The connection between the two is, in fact, organic, so much so that it would be accurate to say "I become what I do". The homosexual, as personal, becomes sinful by virtue of sinful acts and the depth of the sin is measurable. The same would be true of of any other trangression.

    June 24, 2006  

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