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    Friday, June 16, 2006

    Clinton exposes himself again

    Some time ago Bill told us that we can't be too sure of what God wants, since we only "see through a glass darkly".

    I thought that was an odd viewpoint.

    Here I think we see the full power of the liberal view that no one has the truth, hence let's proceed without it.

    Now I know, he "may" be speaking about our inability to fully know God. But I doubt it. And he certainly would not entertain the Catholic notion that the Chirch treasure and speaks the Truth via the Holy Spirit.

    Guess what he calls "believing they were in full possession of the truth"? Yup, a sin.

    Theologically he is right. But practically he is certainly speaking of us muddling on with no assurance, seeing darkly, driven by opinion.

    Catholics would not say any individual "possesses" the Truth. But we would certainly say the Church possesses the Truth, as we endeavor to listen and learn and live it.

    But at least we know where to look. Bill boy is not expecting to look anytime soon.



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