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    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    They think Pell is "provocative". Well sure.

    AUSTRALIA'S most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, would rather provoke debate than have sensible discussions about Muslims, the Islamic Council of New South Wales (ICNSW) said.


    Pell has a really good article in this issue of First Things.


    ICNSW spokesman Ali Roude today said Dr Pell admitted he knew little about his subject matter.

    There we go again. Non-islams know little about the "subject matter" so
    shut-up. I don't think so!

    "However, as a forceful speaker and thinker, sometimes he seems tempted to put a position forward to provoke debate rather than wait for sensible discussion," Mr Roude said.

    In the NCR interview conducted in Rome, Dr Pell said "the million-dollar question" was whether intolerance was a modern distortion of Islam or arose out of internal logic.

    "It's difficult to find periods of tolerance in Islam," he was quoted as saying.

    A recent commenter here mentions that bad bad Benny Hinn as as example of
    Christianity. Seems not knowing the subject matter can be applied widely.. and
    it is.. and it is useless. We know what we know from our point of view, which is
    what discussion is all about curing.

    "It was Western European Christians who launched the Crusades, who conquered most of the world (including the Muslim majority regions) during the Age of Discovery, who grew strong and wealthy through the exploitation of Muslim peoples under centuries of colonialism, and who still today refuse to engage seriously on the issues of debt relief, disarmament and trade reform," he said.

    Old problems as if they were ever quite true, and some new stuff. We don't
    like terrorism.. and what don't they like???

    debt relief,

    disarmament and

    trade reform

    Oh yeah, it's going to be a LONG road to discussion curing anything.


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