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    Wednesday, May 31, 2006

    The Philippines can do what the USA can not do

    Upon a resolution authored by Councilor Jay Sangil, the City Council passed a move to urge parish priests of the Catholic Church to enjoin all parishes and churches to pray or play the "Angelus" over public address systems.


    Sangil said that the observance of the Angelus will help renew and strengthen the faith of the Catholics and help them as they go about their daily lives.

    He said that the strength and unity of the Catholics in prayer may only be harnessed through the help of the Catholic Church priests, by sounding off their respective parishioners for the Angelus every afternoon.

    "The renewal, restoration and strengthening of faith can come in the form of daily reminders to actually pray; and the recitation of the 'Angelus' could be an effective reminder for the faithful to pray at an appointed time," Sangil added.

    Vice Mayor Ricardo Zalamea said that Sangil's proposal has been adopted into a resolution of the City Council and its appeal will soon be submitted to the concerned leaders of the Catholic Church in the city.

    Can you imagine an American city government prompting our clergy to advise
    their flocks to pray the Angelus? Only in the dear Philippines.


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