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    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    WWJT What would Jesus think?

    Here's a picture of some Catholic folks at an attempt to "relate" better.

    How to get young Hispanics to stay Catholic without "losing" them to "evangelical Protestant and Pentecostal churches" that "are better organized to provide social, recreational, and spiritual activities".


    Okay, let's think this a moment. Jesus is right there in the tabernacle, looks at the crowd, and the King of the Universe sees people sitting on chairs, hands up and waving, eyes closed, singing. Sometimes it seems they are trying to hypnotize themselves, even babbling new la-la words in secret non-communication. Not quite the way the crowd were affected when He walked the earth.

    Let's compare that to 50 years ago when He would see people silently kneeling, looking at Him, praying.

    Quite a difference.

    I once heard someone say that the difference between Catholic churches, and everyone else, is that for non-Catholics, they have to pray real good to get Jesus to come and listen.. and they know they've done a good job because they can feel the difference.

    For Catholics, Jesus is there whether they pray good or not.. He just is. Whether they feel different or not.

    Enough said. I am not picking on Hispanics or young people. I am picking on all of us that need to "feel" different. It is not about us, until it is about Him. It is not about numbers in the pew, but about those loved folks with the gift of Faith.

    Everything flows from the Gift. The entertainment study group is not the Gift. Nor are the social and recreational activities.

    Put your hands down, open your eyes, look and listen. That should keep God's children busy for a lifetime of church-going.


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