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    Monday, June 19, 2006

    Youth.. whatever it takes. I doubt it.

    A new £1million youth initiative has been launched by the Church of England to bring young people to the good news of Christ and integrate them more with church life.


    So far so good. Let's see, whatever should we do???

    The pilot scheme proved highly successful in bringing unchurched youth to the church. St Catherine’s Church in Leyton, the Diocese of Chelmsford, used its grant to purchase equipment and promotional material to run a series of film nights on Saturday evenings.

    Meanwhile the Chichester Diocese used the funds it received to hold an evening for young people dredging a drainage ditch and renewing a forest path to enhance a local nature trail as well as to lay out a flower bed on a local housing estate.

    Oh boy. Movies and ecology.

    I am such a square peg that I think it's the Word of God and the Holy
    Spirit. I would change my mind if there was anything in the New Testament that
    mentioned flower beds or nature trails to "attract" kids.

    I am not making fun of these Henry the VIII folks. Just berating the idea
    that given the most powerfull means to call the chosen, we first would like
    to trick them into finding out how friendly and nice we all really are.

    How much you want to bet they don't find us as friendly and nice as we
    think? Reason? It's God alone folks, not programs that will evangelise. Can't
    get more real than that.


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