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    Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Gay suicide and the self-loathing should stop

    That's all the KC want. To put a stop to it.

    With all the self-inflicted problems the Catholics had with gay priests and
    teen boys, the KC should be applauded for trying to keep things right (and


    James Loney, an aid worker kidnapped in Iraq and held for four months by insurgents, is accusing the Knights of Columbus of closing a youth camp which he is associated because he is gay.

    According to Loney the KC became concerned the camp would be used to promote gay issues. The decision by the Ontario branch of the KC was made within days of Loney's return to Canada and the heavily publicized airport reunion with his same-sex partner he said.

    Surrounded at the news conference by supporters Loney said they decided to go public because "We care about the church, we care about young people and we care about the kind of church they are coming into.''

    We had that kind of Church since the 60's. Hopefully the cure is having an

    While he was being held by insurgents in Iraq Loney's family his sexual orientation quiet out of fear for his safety. He and a group of other prisoners were freed by coalition forces.

    No kidding. A wise choice to stay in the closet.

    "This is the litmus test for us, Loney told reporters. "We love God as much as the one we love the least, and that's what we've been trying to be about, as a leadership camp ...We want the teasing and the bullying and the harassment that comes with homophobia to stop. We want the teenage suicide and the self-loathing of the closet to stop.

    Yup... such an interest in teens. Not a good thing to repeat all over

    Loney said he hoped it would "spark a dialogue about the place of gay and lesbian people in church."

    Try the Presbytians. They're bledding edge.


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