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    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    India nuns do the right thing

    The four nuns who were held up by an extremist mob for their alleged proselytising forgive their aggressors and do not press charges. The bishop of Hyderabad talks to AsiaNews about Hindu fundamentalists’ plan against Christians in Andhra Pradesh.


    The sisters of Mother Teresa, who had gone to the hospital to carry out their regular and duly authorised weekly visit, were arrested by the police. They were freed only late in the evening after the metropolitan archbishop of Hyderabad, Mgr Marampudi Joji, intervened on their behalf.

    “The sisters,” the prelate told AsiaNews “have not pressed charges against anyone, but the police sent an agent to their House, who, in a threatening manner, tried to get them to sign a statement. The missionaries refused saying they were prepared to forgive those responsible for what happened.”

    “Hindu fundamentalism wants to raise fears among the people with respect to Christians,” he said. “For this reason, they accuse them of proselytising and working behind the scenes to distort the country’s nature. The reality is that elections are coming up and the BJP is trying its best to discredit the current Congress Party-dominated government”.

    The attack against the nuns of Mother Teresa is not the only weapon used by Hindu fundamentalists. According to reliable sources, they are organising a demonstration in the capital on July 11 “to raise awareness in the population about the ‘Christian danger’ which is working in favour of proselytising with the tacit approval of the government”.

    “All of a sudden,” he explained mockingly, “they found that some Christians work inside the temple and now accuse them of spying and working for the conversion of the whole state. The same thing is happening in two universities in Tirupati, where, if they are to be believed, Christians got jobs only in order to convert people”.



    Dear Joseph,

    Greetings from India. I have been visiting your awesome "Orthodox Catholic Blogspot" for a number of months.

    I love it. A little about me.

    I am an orthodox Indian Catholic of Portuguese Descent from the Former Portuguese Colony of Goa on the West Coast of India which is some 200 miles from Bombay.

    My Ancestors were evangelized to Catholicism in the 16th Century by the zealous Followers of Saint Francis Xavier mainly "Jesuit Missionaries" who came to Goa in the 16th Century.

    As, you may know there has been immense persecution of India's Catholics as well as Christians for at least 2.5 Decades or more.

    A number of Indian Catholic Priests and Seminarians have been killed or injured in the last 16 years as well as a number of Missionary Nuns have been gang- raped or brutalized by "Extremist Hindu Groups".

    Asia News has a number of fine documented stories on the situation in a number of States in India.

    It is getting hellish now as well as getting worse in leaps and bounds.

    If you would like to have more information, on the persecution of India's Catholics do let me know I have a lot of information.

    I will be emailing you in the near future.

    July 05, 2006  

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