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    Saturday, July 08, 2006

    Pride & Shame.. they can't keep these straight

    Let's see. First international march was in Rome, second in Jesusalem. Seems
    confronting religion is a centeral theme.

    And this 'pride' thing. Take the exact opposite of shame, and proclaim it
    loudly. Maybe they hope saying it loud and often will make it so. And it does in
    a way to the weak minded. But that is nothing new.

    Besides, proclaiming one of the 7 Deadly's shows exactly where the heart

    Israel's chief rabbi wants to see Pope Benedict XVI throw his support behind growing religious opposition to an international homosexual, bisexual and transgender event scheduled to take place in Jerusalem this summer.


    InterPride, an international "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender" (LGBT) association, chose Jerusalem as the venue for a weeklong international "pride" event, including a parade down the streets of the Holy City, scheduled to take place next month.

    Israel's chief rabbi, Shlomo Amar, sent a letter to the pope on Tuesday asking him to help "thwart" the pride event while some 50 Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders met with Israeli politicians in the Knesset this week to call on them to stop WorldPride.

    This is only the second event of its kind to be held in the world. The first was held in Rome, despite strong opposition from the Vatican, during celebrations in 2000 marking the second millennium since the birth of Jesus.

    Amar appealed to the pontiff to issue a strong declaration against this "terrible phenomenon in the hope that the protest of different religious leaders will guide lost souls who fool and harm themselves."


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