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    Sunday, March 12, 2006

    Let's swap

    Anglicans that have dismissed sexual morals could welcome same minded
    catholics into their fold. It would be a grand party. Nice and inclusive,
    without all those bothersome archaic notions of sin. All they would need do
    would be to introduce the catholics to Henry VIII and his role as vicar of the

    Anglicans who wish to remain close to Christ could join the Catholic
    Church if they can shake the legacy of Henry. All we would need to do would be
    introduce them to Benedict XVI, and his role as Vicar of Christ.

    The possibility that California could choose the first lesbian bishop in the Anglican church has deepened the schism over sex and faith, defying a 2004 moratorium on consecration of gay bishops.

    If elected on May 6, Reverend Bonnie Perry would become the church's first lesbian bishop, a new milestone for the Episcopal church, the American branch of Anglicanism. She is at present the rector of a church in Chicago, and in an open same-sex relationship with another clergywoman.



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