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    Friday, March 10, 2006

    Announcing the Word by action: Catholics can not abandon children to homosexual agenda

    Would you abandon your child to the men in this picture?

    And acting in
    the mother’s behalf, and for the child’s welfare, Catholics agencies obviously
    can not do it either.

    Catholic adoption services is actually forced to
    walk away from a century of history by the gay agenda enshrined in law. Amazing.


    The Boston Archdiocese's Catholic Charities said Friday it would stop providing adoption services because state law requires them to consider gays and lesbians as parents.

    The social services arm of the Roman Catholic archdiocese has provided adoption services for about a century. But it says state law allowing gays to adopt runs counter to church teachers on homosexuality.

    "The world was very different when Charities began this ministry at the threshold of the twentieth-century," the Rev. J. Bryan Hehir and trustees chairman Jeffrey Kaneb said in a joint statement. "The world changed often and we adapted the ministry to meet changing times and needs. At all times we sought to place the welfare of children at the heart of our work. "But now, we have encountered a dilemma we cannot resolve," they said.


    The San Francisco archdiocese will review its current policy, which allows adoptions by same-sex couples, after receiving instructions from the Vatican on the subject.

    The Globe reported on March 10 that the San Francisco archdiocese had received instructions from Archbishop Levada, saying clearly: "Catholic agencies should not place children for adoption in homosexual households." The archbishop's instructions were based on a 2003 Vatican document which says that placing children in gay households does violence to those children.

    Archbishop Levada acknowledged that he had assented to the placement of several children in gay households while he was Archbishop of San Francisco. But now he acknowledged that Church teachings "require that a Catholic bishop follow this clear guidance from the Holy See in his oversight of Catholic diocesan agencies," the Globe reported.

    Perhaps the fight is not over. Perhaps an exception can be granted until
    the laws are modified. Or perhaps Boston Charities just quit because they
    couldn't operate their liberal agenda anymore.

    But in any case, the Bishops are exercising their teaching authority. That
    is always a good.


    Anonymous Andy said...

    "over the past 20 years, 13 of the 720 children Catholic Charities has adopted out have gone to gay couples." Boston Herald.

    If it's so wrong, then why were they placing children in homes before the gay agenda was enshrined in law? And further, why are you Christians always so hypocritical

    March 11, 2006  
    Blogger Joseph said...

    Hi Andy.

    I know what you mean about those 13 children.

    It seems that the 'gay culture' had influenced the lay leadership of the adoption agencies in Boston, and wouldn't you know it, also in San Francisco.

    The Bishops there are in charge, and the Vatican is not able to monitor actions all over the world at all times.

    As past problems were surfaced in Boston, someone also exposed San Francisco as doing the same thing.

    Once surfaced, the Vatican stepped in to make things right again.

    This is the same 'gay culture' mentioned in the Vatican directive to seminaries:

    "The Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, cannot admit to the seminary or to Holy Orders those who practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies, or support the so-called 'gay culture'."

    A nice explanition can be found at:

    As to why Christians are so hypocritical, it is probably because they dare to take a stand with Christian morals, and then often fail.

    This taking a stand, makes their failure much more noticeable that with people who take no moral stand in the first place.

    A non-Christian's morals usually boil down to the Golden Rule of treating others as you would like to be treated. The problem is that everyone has a different idea about how they want to be treated, so you get no specific moral code at all.

    In the gay adoption senario, gays want kids around, so the Golden Rule would say.. OK.

    Catholics Christians especially must follow Christ as known by his Church. It is a much higher bar I think you'll admit.

    Thanks for the comment.

    March 11, 2006  

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