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    Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    Why won't God heal amputees?

    Here's a great site to sharpen your Christian Apologetics skills. It is written by someone who thinks that since God has never healed an amputee, religion and God are put to scorn.

    I have never been healed of a physical ailment, and don't personally know anybody who has. I can not be much of a defender of God's physical healing miracles. The author has many good points, and many naive points too.

    But that is not to say I don't believe in miracles as God's powerful actions in Divine Providence. The destiny of our lives strongly seems to show a Divine hand guiding circumstance. Providence working through people, an overarching Will that will not be denied, miracles through souls rather than physical manipulation. Except that the souls move in a physical world, and so carry along physical traces of miracles.

    Of course God being God, he really could cure my tooth cavity or remove my aches and pains. He just doesn't. And admitting that he doesn't makes us closer to God and Truth. He in no way needs any false advertising.

    My life was saved for some reason back in 1991. It was a car mishap that defied all probability in not killing me. In it God didn't change the forces of nature, but guided the souls driving the vehicles in an extraordinary way for a purpose I am grateful for. Even still, that would not change the mind of the amputee article author. Extraordinary probabilities are the author's main argument against miracles.

    I've also seen a ghost, but that was no miracle, just a fact of life on God's green earth.

    So take a look at Apologetics 101 and get ready to do battle...



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