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    Monday, February 27, 2006

    The Pope's my man! He just said the "J" word, and even mentioned "Stern Judgement"

    When's the last time your Sunday's homily worried you about some sort of personal Judgement from God? On the contrary, at most funerals, they tell us that immediatly after our last breath, we must be wisked up to heaven with the Saints and Martyrs because after all, it's so comforting to know that Mr. Doe is looking down on us now safe in God's embrace.

    Sounds hokey to me. If we're all going to heaven, then heaven must be pretty much like Chicago... not all the impressive.

    Not that I am a fan of God's Judgement mind you. But let's get real, we will all face it.

    We'll here's the boss breaking the ice by using the Judgement word. He's even sure that some judgements will be "stern".


    Terrorists who kill in the name of religious faith will receive a stern judgment from God, Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) warned during a public audience on Sunday, February 26.

    Responding to a new spate of religious violence in Iraq and in Nigeria, the Pope said: "God, the Creator and Father of all, will be severe in his judgment of those who shed their brothers' blood invoking His name."

    and then the teacher gives us something to do about it...

    With the season of lent approaching, the Pope suggested that Christians should fast and pray for an end to bloodshed, particularly in the nations where religious conflicts are now flaring.


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