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    Saturday, February 25, 2006

    Teaching a little 4 year-old sex is just plain wrong

    “We’re very nervous about what it’s going to be like to raise our children here,” she said. “People are saying this is not a family-friendly state. I truly cannot understand why anyone would want to teach a 4 year-old sexual terminology unless they were pushing a very clear agenda.”

    “The abortion industry has been trying to sanitize its grisly occupation in the public eye for many years,” Neary testified. “[These bills] try to equate a deadly procedure with ‘health.’”

    “Parents will take their children out of schools to prevent them from being in the clutches of the liberal elite,” she said.

    But removing their children from the public schools is an option many just cannot afford, noted Evelyn Reilly, director of public policy for the Massachusetts Family Institute. She pointed out that Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts “is not a disinterested party” and that it has a “huge financial interest” in its goal that all public schools adhere to a standardized sex education curriculum.

    “I think that it’s an interesting approach for a district to consider,” she said after the hearing. But she stressed that that the sexuality section of the measure is “an integral part of the comprehensive health education.”Wolf is a former mayor of Cambridge who advocates legalized abortion and same-sex “marriage.”

    Thank you Mr. Lupus Erectus. And stop saying "health" when you mean the end of
    health for a certain little human.

    The measure “treats pregnancy as a disease,” said Dr. Paul Carpentier of Gardner, Mass. “So pregnancy is likely to be viewed as a failed prevention of a disease and rejected, medicated away or surgically removed, to someone else’s profit.”
    Carpentier, a father of three, is an authority on natural family planning and a fertility care medical consultant certified by the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, Neb. He said that sex education does not belong in schools, but a “reasonable option” would be to offer voluntary guided lessons for parents themselves to present to their children.

    “We strongly believe that sexuality and reproductive teachings are fundamental to morality,” Breguet testified. “And as parents, we believe that only we know our children well enough to make the decision as to when to introduce this sensitive, intimate subject.”


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