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    Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    Catholic Poland's culture can still see sin... even at the university!

    Here in the U.S.A., we must be very much more tolerant because we are so diverse.

    Being hugely Catholic, and supplying the late Polish Pope, even the university population can still call public sin a bad thing.

    “To write ‘I’ve got Aids’ or ‘I’ve had an abortion’ on a T-shirt, you would have to be devoid of all human feelings,” added Lublin bishop Jozef Zycinski.

    A university in south-eastern Poland has banned a controversial “T-shirt for freedom” campaign expected to occur simultaneously with a campus human rights film festival.

    The t-shirts, which were to be worn through campus during the campaign by celebrities, boasted such things as

    “I had an abortion,”

    “I didn’t cry when the Pope died,”

    “I have AIDS,”

    “I don’t go to church,”

    “I masturbate,” or

    “I am gay,”

    according to a Radio Polonia report. The predominantly Catholic student population found the t-shirts offensive and complained that they were insensitive to people living with AIDS, or who suffered post-abortion trauma.


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