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    Monday, February 20, 2006

    They are not kidding. Liberal Catholics really think following Conscience trumps a Rightly Formed Conscience

    How long does it take to think of persons throughout history whose conscience was not rightly formed..... how about persons you know? ..... 5 seconds.

    They are not kidding, although it is strangely a surprise to me. Extreme (I
    hope it's only the extreme) liberals need the excuse of following conscience
    even if in error, vs. a rightly formed conscience in Faith as taught by their

    The humility to obey and learn is not mentioned. That is quite a

    A GROUP of leading liberal Catholics has complained to the Vatican that Cardinal George Pell is teaching inaccurate and misleading doctrine.

    Spokesman Frank Purcell went further, accusing the cardinal of fostering an "Eichmann mentality" whereby people in the church did not think for themselves but simply obeyed orders. (Adolf Eichmann was the Nazi in charge of exterminating Jews in World War II.)

    The doctrinal dispute centres on the ultimate right of Catholics to make moral judgements based on their individual conscience even if it is in error. It lies at the heart of debate in the church over the use of contraception and on moral and ethical questions surrounding bioethics, euthanasia and abortion.

    The letter said a number of statements by the cardinal about the role of conscience were difficult to reconcile with the priority church teaching placed on conscience. Given Cardinal Pell's prominence, many Australians took his views as representing doctrine.

    The letter was signed by 24 Catholics, including Sister Veronica Brady, Professor Max Charlesworth, historian Paul Collins, NSW judge Chris Geraghty and several Melbourne priests.

    "The real role of the church is not to tell people what to do but give them a map, and conscience is the compass."

    Mr Purcell said Cardinal Pell was trying to keep people at a lower level of moral development by telling them to do what the church said. "He overemphasises the obligation to follow the church absolutely. That's the Eichmann mentality."

    To them, the humility to obey equates to the Nazis. Which would explain their
    lack of humility to enable learning also.


    Blogger TheDen said...


    Let's hope they can figure it all out...

    How's it going anyway?

    February 20, 2006  
    Blogger Joseph said...

    Going fine Dennis.

    Except for the low feeling I get watching the Islam world.

    Somehow I knew all the terrorism was fringe stuff, but these cartoon riots are very widely supported.

    I didn't realize the culture we are dealing with.

    I thought the clash of civilizations was as exaggeration.

    February 20, 2006  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am an agnostic; I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of.'
    Clarence Darrow

    February 22, 2006  
    Blogger Joseph said...

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    February 22, 2006  

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