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    Friday, February 24, 2006

    Movie marketing; Popular culture I'm sure most of us are unaware of

    Places the popular culture is going that most Christians are unaware of. The movie "Running Scared" has received poor reviews.

    What would you think about an free online game at the movie's website that offers sex as a reward for attaining a good score?

    While it takes way too much work to get to the payoff, this online game, tipped to us by Sanj and covered by Defamer, for Paul Walker's new movie, Running Scared, let's you play Paul Walker in a Grand Theft Auto-style game with the prize go down on Paul Walker's wife.


    Running Scared is an ultra-violent movie due out later this month. To promote the movie, New Line Cinema commissioned a short, five-level game that includes GTA-style driving missions, shooting gallery style handgun and shotgun battles, and--in a tribute to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas's infamous "Hot Coffee" mission--a rhythm-based sex game in which the player must hit arrow keys at the right moment in order to prove that he's a cunning linguist, so to speak.


    Local family advocates spoke out Wednesday against a racy online video game being used to promote an R-rated movie.

    The National Institute on Media and the Family held a press conference to alert parents to pornographic material in a game promoting the upcoming Paul Walker movie "Running Scared."

    On level two of the game, gamers direct their character to perform oral sex, complete with sound effects.

    The Web site says players must be 17 years old, but critics say the disclaimer isn't good enough.

    "This is a promotional tactic that will be increasingly popular," said Dr. David Walsh of the National Institute on Media and the Family. "But when a movie is promoted to the general public with explicit pornography video games used to promote it, that's not appropriate given the easy access that kids have to this."

    The group wants New Line Cinema to remove the game from its Web site.


    As serious Christians focus on the things most important, the popular culture advances in directions we can not imagine, and are not noticing.


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