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    Saturday, February 25, 2006

    This happens when you have "love without judgment"

    When we forget the Judgement, all things are sadly possible.

    ''Our motto is love without judgment, and that's piqued some curiosity,'' said Villaire, a former Roman Catholic priest who's now a bishop in an independent Catholic movement.


    Bishop Villaire, who was raised Roman Catholic in Bay City, Mich., said he felt called to the priesthood at a young age. But shortly after being ordained in 1965, he started to feel uncomfortable with church teachings condemning divorce and birth control, he said.

    His father, a grocer, and his mother, a beautician, had raised him to believe ''the customer is always right,'' he said. Denying communion to divorced Catholics made him uncomfortable, he said.

    Now, he's seeking to expand his flock through church fliers and advertisements that promise ``love without judgment.''

    ...Catholic liturgy and rituals without the dogma. ''It's nonjudgmental Catholicism,'' said Angela Ochmanski, a former Roman Catholic who joined Holy Angels Parish last November after receiving a church flier in the mail.

    ''I felt more of an understanding of the way that Bishop Villaire interprets the Catholic teaching,'' she said.


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