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    Thursday, December 15, 2005

    The ugliest Catholic Church church?

    "On a totally unrelated note: St. John's Abbey is home to perhaps the ugliest Catholic church on the face of the Earth, and I couldn't resist posting a picture of it, so here you go..."

    I think that not so long ago, I used missellettes produced by this group. The songs were not fun.

    I am mostly convinced that architecture mirrors the people who built it (like all those 1960's monstrosities) . If that is true, this place is sad. Although they are by no means alone.

    If you have a picture of another ugly Catholic building, please send. I think it is permissible dark humor.


    Blogger Papalist said...

    Another doozy...

    December 15, 2005  
    Blogger Papalist said...

    In case that link didn't come out...

    December 15, 2005  
    Blogger Joseph said...

    That's a good article Pap.

    and "And now a new trend has begun to emerge - that of restoring re-ordered churches to their original forms. The final chapter of Ugly as Sin shows a number of examples to lift the heart."

    is some good news.

    December 16, 2005  

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