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    Wednesday, December 14, 2005

    The Word on the internet

    4,000 members!

    We might admit that Catholics are a but weak on the Word, but strong on the Eucharist.

    I wonder if the various Dioceses have a technology department, and if they are aware of these non-Catholic successes.

    O well, I am sure we will not lag too far behind.

    Since early summer, a podcast of the previous Sunday’s message has been published on the web site and is available for downloading. Beginning last Thursday, members of the church, and anyone in the World Wide Web, were further given the opportunity to then comment and interact with the community virtually. “The hope is to connect both seekers and those who are disconnected from the church to interact and create a community that is connected to whatever that week Erwin is preaching,” said Eric Bryant, one of the lead pastors at Mosaic.


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