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    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    Our friends in Jakarta.. they have it not so easy
    "Let us realize the hope to become a nation that is free from corruption, a nation that respects pluralism, is against violence, upholds law and justice, respects human rights and preserves the integrity of creation,"

    "Freedom of religion and the freedom to worship are being threatened due to a weakening sense of tolerance," the leaders also warned. "Such a situation has made us, as a nation, fear to look to the future. Will we be able to get rid of the difficulties that threaten our life?" they asked.

    Christmas, their message continues, reminds Christians that God who became human also feels and experiences their problems. "He does not let us work alone but works together with us in dealing with all problems. So we must not be afraid and lose hope, but with full enthusiasm and hope, we work to build a better future," they said.

    I saw this touching of statues also in the Philippines. The need to touch.


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