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    Sunday, December 11, 2005

    Sexuality row may be irresolvable, says ex-Archbishop

    A much-admired former Archbishop of York, whose own sexual orientation he once described as “a grey area”, has said that he cannot see any resolution to well-worn arguments within the Anglican Communion about homosexuality and women priests – certainly in his lifetime.

    His own hope for the church’s future, he said, now lay in the local parish, where people were relatively unconcerned with these questions – being much more concerned with everyday issues of life and death, and questions of morality like world poverty or the war in Iraq.

    OK, I am tired of the same arguments also. Reasoning may go on about a subject for a long time. In the interim, obedience is required.

    Who can I thank but God himself for the Catholic Church for the only connection to Truth that does not change with every seemingly irreconcilable argument in modern society.

    It may be true that at the parish level “everyday issues of life and death, and questions of morality like world poverty or the war in Iraq” are most on people’s minds. I don’t know.

    For myself, I need to know that Truth is a whole. Truth, as it informs current events can not be pushed away as “irresolvable”. If Truth were really unable to resolve some of today’s problems, then I would not need it to resolve any of today’s problems, because it would be partial and useless.

    Even if the reasoning goes on for time exceeding my lifetime, the thing to do for the duration is to obey.

    And who to obey? My Church.

    Saints were not required to be intelligent. Reasoning is not the key to heaven.

    Faith is not opposed to reason, obedience is another sure path to Faith as well.

    John Henry said something about our duty to reason with all the capacity at our disposal. And then to simply obey.

    I would be very uncomfortable if I were an Anglican, not knowing whom to obey while enduring the reasoning process.


    Blogger Papalist said...

    Is not the mark of Truth the eternal? Will sexuality ever be resolved? I don't think so. We're as sexually competent as were Adam and Eve. Kinsey added nothing, but only confused.

    Like you, I'm gratified by the constancy of the Church's message.

    Today, it occurred to me that the Catechism is one great little book. Everything you can think of has a well reasoned answer consistent with Scripture. Why are we reinventing the wheel?

    December 11, 2005  
    Blogger Joseph said...

    I only examine at the Anglicans as a learning experience for me. The Magisterium (including the Catechism) is the only thing that keeps the Ark on course.

    Probably nothing has a more powerful influence on our vision than the surrounding society. Where would we be without the corrective of the teaching authority of the Church. Thank Goodness!

    And where else except "irresolvable" can the Anglicans expect to find themselves without the obedience due to a teaching authority. I think in their hearts, they know this.

    December 12, 2005  

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