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    Monday, December 12, 2005

    Homosexuality and the Priesthood; what Catholics believe about human sexuality

    From Bishop Robert J. Baker via a link from First Things:

    "This self-giving, which is the product of the divine Love of the One in whose image both male and female are created, engenders a fidelity that is spousal in nature and scope. So great is this gift that celibacy is a fitting way of life that truly mirrors the dignity and beauty of the heterosexual married state."

    "The celibate priest expresses his sexuality, not through denial, but through spiritual paternity, living his life as a committed father of his flock, and as one ‘married’ to the Church. He is called to relate in an emotionally mature way to his flock as father and to his bride, the Church".

    Nicely said. I think the same understanding could be applied to vowed Nuns, Brothers, and Virgins.


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