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    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    You say you want a revolution...

    Riots and Chaos from the young. Teens on the street with matches and 100 Greek middle schools occupied and controled by the children.

    Sure sounds like the 60's only without fear of reprisal by the law and order folks who must be staying at home and watching it on TV.

    If there is a ressonance, let me predict more social disorder, rage and burning. Poor old Lyndon Johnson made promises for a Great Society and freedom. When progress was not immediate, but rather plodded along at a politician's pace, Watts burned down.

    There's almost no comparison between Johnson's promises, and the hype that accompanies Obama. If he plods along at merely human pace, our old friend Mr. Chaos will arrive to accompany the wanting, demanding, spoiled, ignorant masses.

    Those not in the streets can watch it on TV.


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