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    Friday, March 07, 2008

    The Tobacco Monologues

    This story referred by D.C. lawyer with tagline… “the human spirit shines through”.
    And to me, it’s nanny prohibition type meddlers run amok. And this from the State that elected Jesse Ventura their governor. Go figure.

    Anyway, let God sort it out. Religion in the past in this country was quite meddlesome. Now we pretty much leave petty things up to God. For really serious things we prefer man’s justice system, and once inside may God help you.

    We are pretty proud of locking up 1 out of 100 people. And if the Democrats get in as expected, then we can look forward to enjoying more government to produce more godly behavior. Not from the heart of course, but from taxes, fear of fines, and imprisonment. Wonderful stuff to be proud of for sure.

    What a excellent story of resistance though! It could be the start of something big. Well, I’m not sure of that, but something somewhere will awaken our zombie population somehow. The 60’s anew. How refreshing. This story sounds more like the roaring 20’s, so it may not quite be the spark I am hoping for.

    A new state ban on smoking in restaurants and other nightspots contains an exception for performers in theatrical productions. So some bars are getting around the ban by printing up playbills, encouraging customers to come in costume, and pronouncing them "actors."
    The state Health Department is threatening to bring the curtain down on these sham productions. But for now, it's on with the show.
    At The Rock, a hard-rock and heavy-metal bar in suburban St. Paul, the "actors" during "theater night" do little more than sit around, drink, smoke and listen to the earsplitting music.
    "They're playing themselves before Oct. 1. You know, before there was a smoking ban," owner Brian Bauman explained. Shaping the words in the air with his hands, like a producer envisioning the marquee, he said: "We call the production, `Before the Ban!"'
    The smoking ban, passed by the Legislature last year, allows actors to light up in character during theatrical performances as long as patrons are notified in advance.
    About 30 bars in Minnesota have been exploiting the loophole by staging the faux theater productions and pronouncing cigarettes props, according to an anti-smoking group.
    "It's too bad they didn't put as much effort into protecting their employees from smoking," grumbled Jeanne Weigum, executive director of the Association for Nonsmokers.
    "Grumbled Jeanne"... I love it.


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