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    Sunday, November 23, 2008

    Judgement? Sorry, Christ is PC non-Judgemental

    Wow, the readings today re Christ the King just shout of Judgement.
    The sleek and strong? Out!
    The goats? Out to the fire created for the devil and his angels.
    How much plainer could it be?
    Show of hands please... who heard a homily today having anything to do about Judgement? I heard nothing.
    How encouraging. Could it be the mother's milk that the Priests think is all that we can tolerate, or is it that they have forgotten that final thing called Judgement? If not forgotten, perhaps they're just too PC to mention it. Judgement is very judgemental you know.
    Today one Priest relayed to me how there was controversy about this mosaic in the Basilica at first because Jesus looked so mad.
    Right ;)


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