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    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Where is it?

    This Sunday, the Priest asked the congregation whether they wanted the short or long version of the Gospel reading on Lazarus. Great shock.. they wanted the long version. So nice! It goes along with my suspect that people who don't like worship and things sacred, would not be very comfortable in heaven either.
    Anyway, although Lazarus was raised from the dead, it was not an admission to heaven. We know some little things about heaven... like the fact men and women do not marry there.
    But the one BIG thing we do know is something we say all the time in the Lord's Prayer. It is where the Father's will is done. That's probably all we really need to know.
    And the Kingdom? As His will is done, we can glimpse heaven right now. Not a very idyllic thing all the time.. to do His will. And based on the fallen angels, something demanding right-thinking even up there.
    Purely His will is done, or you aren't there. Even if you are there, you will be cast down should you choose not His will it seems.
    So His Kingdom is here as His will is done by each and every willful child. Yet no harp music, no puffy clouds. Just hard work. And of course.. blessed peace as Jesus promised.
    I betcha heaven will be just as exciting!


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