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    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    Party for Animals and Christian history

    I have wondered why the EU refuses to include a reference to it's Christian roots in its constitution.

    Now I see it is the result of the usual suspects. Perhaps all of Europe besides Poland has become pagan. But still, it is interesting to see who is behind the motions to suppress the "rabble-rousing".


    THE HAGUE, 10/04/07 - Premier Balkenende is not pushing for a reference to the Judaic-Christian tradition in the Declaration of Berlin to be adopted next week by EU member states.

    A newspaper reported last week that Balkenende would along with Poland push for such a reference. This report is inaccurate and "rabble-rousing," the premier said in the Lower House debate on last week's EU summit. He was thereby expressing irritation that some media apparently want to portray the cabinet as a heavily conservative-Christian club.

    Centre-left D66, supported by the leftwing Greens (GroenLinks) and the Party for Animals (PvdD), put forward a motion calling on the government to oppose references to religions and traditions in the declaration or in treaties.

    Labour (PvdA) did not support the motion. The party has no problem with a reference to religions in the Berlin Declaration. A reference to religions must however in no way whatsoever be included in an EU Treaty, according to PvdA MP Samsom.

    Only if the foundations of European values were after all named in the statement, then the Judaic-Christian tradition should not be missed in the series alongside Greek philosophy, Roman law, the Enlightenment and humanism. "That would be unhistorical," according to Balkenende.

    Now why would the Greens and the Party for Animals resist religion? It seems normal really if one believes that history starts now with me.

    Or even worse normal if religion is an enemy that needs to be abolished. Remember how the Romans would scratch out the names of past heros on statues and monuments if those past heros became politically out of favor?

    Perhaps this is nothing new for Europe after all. But anyway, 3 cheers for Poland who can still remember where they come from.


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