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    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Mother Teresa critics

    I have heard this same complaint about money and Mother Teresa's group before. I am guessing that the fact they have money in the bank is probably true.

    Mother's mission is caring, and the holiness it brings. If they have too much money, then I say so be it. The bank is the best place for it.

    Most reasonable people would say that with all the donations, the group should morph into something different and grand, for their sakes, and the sakes of their patients.

    But even when Mother was alive, she did not want that. She asked God for her needs, and established the mission. The fact that more money came in than she could use given her mission's structure may have confused her, but I think not.

    I think it's there for a rainy day, and will only be used eventually for exactly the purpose it was donated for.

    Here's an x-nun who didn't understand about the money, didn't understand how poverty like Mother's group can lead to holiness, and has become sour enough to call Mother a fraud.

    Apparently the almost 2,000 years of pre-Vatican II holiness are not to her liking.


    "Once a sister has accepted these fallacies she will do almost anything. She can allow her health to be destroyed, neglect those she vowed to serve, and switch off her feelings and independent thought. She can turn a blind eye to suffering, inform on her fellow sisters, tell lies with ease, and ignore public laws and regulations.

    Women from many nations joined Mother Teresa in the expectation that they would help the poor and come closer to God themselves. When I left, there were more than 3,000 sisters in approximately 400 houses scattered throughout the world. Many of these sisters who trusted Mother Teresa to guide them have become broken people. In the face of overwhelming evidence, some of them have finally admitted that their trust has been betrayed, that God could not possibly be giving the orders they hear. It is difficult for them to decide to leave - their self-confidence has been destroyed, and they have no education beyond what they brought with them when they joined. I was one of the lucky ones who mustered enough courage to walk away. "

    It is in the hope that others may see the fallacy of this purported way to holiness that I tell a little of what I know.


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