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    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    To fight terror with terror is to enter into the devil's game

    Although the Compendium does not say so, terrorism is demonic. Its total absence of redeeming value means that it comes from the abyss of evil. To fight terror with terror is to enter into the devil's game.


    Carried out by shadowy organizations or even isolated individuals, they can occur anywhere. While sometimes they have specific political goals, often they do not. They present themselves as acts of rage directed against particular governments or peoples or even something as amorphous as the Western world in general. These acts of terror have no likelihood of bringing about positive social change. They are purely destructive.

    The victims of terrorism are typically non-combatants. It is the attack on the innocent that gives terrorism its unique character - no one is safe.

    The Compendium notes that there is a right to defend oneself from terrorism. Of course! But while the terrorist recognizes no morality, those who defend themselves against it must respect human rights and the rule of law.

    This may seem like an unfair fight, with the terrorist having more means of violence at his disposal. Nevertheless, to fight terrorism is to defend human rights and the rule of law. To violate them would serve to spread the scope of terrorism.


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