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    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    As usual, communication is the key

    The Syro-Malabar Church has decided to open an office in Rome to improve communication between the Oriental Catholic Church and Vatican offices.


    The Syro-Malabar Church and the smaller Syro-Malankara Church are two Oriental Catholic rites based in India. Both follow Syrian Church traditions and trace their origins to St. Thomas the Apostle. They and the Latin-rite, introduced later by European missioners, comprise the Catholic Church in India.

    Speaking to UCA News Sept. 3, Paul termed the move a "strategic decision," since many Syro-Malabar Church people are convinced the church is not getting "due recognition" from the Vatican. "Most of the Vatican officials are of the Latin rite, (and they) ignore or misinterpret our demands or sideline our cause, against the background of inter-rite conflict," he explained. "We need someone in the Vatican to present our views."

    Paul also alleged that several communications addressed to various Vatican officials "never reached" their destination, because they were "successfully" blocked by some "vested interest groups."

    The lay leader says the Syro-Malabar Church should have opened the office much earlier, "then many of our problems could have been solved by now."

    I don't know about those "vested interest groups", but when there is a lack
    of communication, people just make up the supposed missing facts. This should


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