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    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    Veronica's Veil

    The fragile cloth depicts very clearly, in blood-red hues, a bearded man bearing a striking resemblance to a more famous relic, the Turin Shroud in northern Italy, which is revered by some Christians as the cloth used to wrap Christ's body.


    Pope Benedict became the first pontiff on Friday to visit "Veronica's Veil", which Christian tradition says was used to wipe the sweat from Jesus' brow on his way to crucifixion and miraculously recorded his features.

    Benedict knelt in prayer before the relic also known as the "Sacred Visage", which has been guarded by Capuchin friars in a remote monastery in Manoppello in the Apennine mountains for centuries.

    But the Pope stopped short of endorsing the veil, venerated since the Middle Ages, as the true face of Christ.

    I have never before seen this actual picture of the veil. It is so odd that
    is does resemble the Shroud's image.



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