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    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Calling the bluff

    Social experiments are hard to control. I am surprised it took this long to blow up.


    As two Winnipeg sisters find out Tuesday if they've made the boys' hockey team at their high school, their recent human-rights victory has spurred boys to try out for girls' sports teams.

    Morris Glimcher, executive director of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, said Tuesday that several requests from boys wanting to play on girls' teams started coming shortly after the ruling was handed down on Friday.

    "We've had five requests already from boys saying: 'In the past, we haven't been eligible. But my school doesn't have a boys' team and we have a girls' team and we'd like to play,' " Glimcher said Tuesday.

    "Now that the rule has come down, I guess what they're saying [is] if it's gender equity, then let's make it gender equity. And that's the general theme of the calls that I've been getting."
    Glimcher said the five requests came from boys who want to play on girls' volleyball, basketball, curling and fastball teams. He said all of the requests so far have been serious requests from boys or their coaches.


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