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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    The devil.. oops the Catholics.. made me do it

    Oh what fun.

    Three Canadian Members of Parliament who identify themselves as Catholic have cited what they are calling their “religious faith” as the reason they supported the change in law identifying homosexual unions as “marriage” in Canada.


    “It was said that I voted for same-sex marriage in spite of my faith,” Tony Martin told Maclean’s. “In fact, that vote flowed out of my faith.” Bethune writes that Martin cited the “themes” of the Second Vatican Council in the 1960’s for inspiration, saying it was “all about tolerance, openness to the world and social justice.”

    Canadian Catholics have been especially known for promulgating a secularized, leftist concept of Catholic “social justice” teaching and the teaching on primacy of conscience. Authentic Church teaching is that neither can possibly allow for the acceptance of same-sex ‘marriage’. The Church teaches that Catholics have a duty to form their conscience according to the moral precepts laid out by the Church.

    Bethune quotes Charlie Angus who said that it was specifically Catholic teaching that inspired him to defend “minority rights” in supporting the homosexual “marriage” law. Angus said, “To be the champion of majority rules,” he says, “opens the door for other protected rights to be taken.”

    Joe Comartin concurred saying his decision was based on “the very underpinnings of Christian tradition. “You ask yourself that age-old question, what would Christ do?” he told Maclean’s. “What my faith taught me was his Christ’s love for humanity was an absolute fundamental, in many respects overriding all other considerations.”

    Minority rights. There are lots of minorities out there. Acting homosexual is
    not one of those. Race is one of those.

    God is all love. And also in a mysterious way he is also all Justice and all
    Truth and all Good. It's a little difficult to ask yourself "what would Jesus
    do?". Better to consult the Church guided by the Holy Spirit for that answer.
    Else, you may find yourself a but conflicted.


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