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    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Iran thinking... can't you guys be rational?

    Now that the awakening movement of the Muslim world and Muslim unity is getting stronger, after the military invasion of Muslim countries by the United States, and after the glorious victory of Hezbollah over the Zionist occupying regime, it is not clear what reason were behind the Pope’s decision to hurt the feelings of the world Muslims and thus create grounds for conflicts that may hide western politicians’ failures.


    Why oh why, did the Pope hurt muslim feelings? By starting a controversy
    about the peacefulness of jihad their point of view is that the Pope has

    created grounds for conflicts and

    is hiding western political failures.

    The Pope’s unreasonable and illogical accusations against Islam signify his unawareness and lack of knowledge about Islam.

    Here we go again. People who are not muslim are unreasonable and illogical
    lacking knowledge.

    Pope Benedict XVI talks of Islam having spread via swords and violence, he forgets about his predecessors’ launching of the bloody Crusades against Muslim on irrational religious grounds.

    I would hate to even peek at the muslim understanding of the crusades. But
    it is interesting always to find that current muslim violence is seen as somehow
    a corrective to that ancient conflict. And whatever the muslim crusade view,
    they must be employing their particular rules of logic.

    To sum up their theme, the rest of the world is lacking knowledge and
    irrational. It sounds like high time to let the disscussions begin.

    The Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization called on all Muslims especially the Muslim scholars and thinkers to maintain vigilance against such premeditated attacks on Islam.

    I suspect the Pope's actions are indeed premeditated. His attempt to lance
    the boil to begin the healing.


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