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    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Perpetual outrage

    I didn't intend to pay any more attention to this silly stuff, but I heard
    someone refer to islam as the religion of "perpetual outrage", and thought that
    was worth repeating.


    Benedict "should be removed from his position immediately for encouraging war and fanning hostility between various faiths" and "making insulting remarks" against Islam, said a joint statement issued by the clerics and scholars at the end of their one-day convention.

    The "pope, and all infidels, should know that no Muslim, under any circumstances, can tolerate an insult to the Prophet (Muhammad). ... If the West does not change its stance regarding Islam, it will face severe consequences," it said.

    About 1,000 Muslim clerics and religious scholars meeting Thursday in eastern Pakistan demanded the removal of the Pope for making what they called "insulting remarks" against Islam.


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