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    Friday, April 07, 2006

    Nazis and the Pope

    Pope Benedict XVI said he became convinced he should become a priest to help confront what he called the “anti-human culture” of the Nazis in his native Germany.


    “There was the Nazi regime,” Benedict said. “We were told very loudly that in the new Germany ‘there will not be any more priests, there will be no more consecrated life, we don’t need this any more, find another profession’.”“But actually hearing these loud voices, I understood that in confronting the brutality of this system, this inhuman face, that there is a need for priests, precisely as a contrast to this anti-human culture,” he said.

    Asked by one student how he realised his own priestly vocation, Benedict said that during his youth in Germany it was more “normal” to accept faith and vocations than it was today.

    Courage and desire to confront the Nazi "anti-human culture". And "more
    'normal' to accept faith and vocations" than today.

    Today's young men certainly have the same anti-human culture to battle.
    Starting with my own youth experience, I would guess that what we lack is the
    courage to battle the new 'normal'.


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