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    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    The Red Sea Parting: Fool me once

    I remember how easily I accepted the natural explaination for the parting of the
    Red Sea for Moses and the people. A dry wing, blowing over many days, over the
    shallow "reed sea" permitted the crossing.


    Here the good professor offers a new theory for when Jesus walked on the

    Nof, a professor of oceanography at Florida State University, said on Tuesday that his study found an unusual combination of water and atmospheric conditions in what is now northern Israel could have led to ice formation on the Sea of Galilee.

    The study found that a period of cooler temperatures in the area between 1,500 and 2,600 years ago could have included the decades in which Jesus lived.

    A drop in temperature below freezing could have caused ice -- thick enough to support a human -- to form on the surface of the freshwater lake near the western shore, Nof said. It might have been nearly impossible for distant observers to see a piece of floating ice surrounded by water.

    "If you ask me if I believe someone walked on water, no, I don't," Nof said. "Maybe somebody walked on the ice, I don't know. I believe that something natural was there that explains it."

    Professor Doron Nof also theorized in the early 1990s that Moses's parting of the Red Sea had solid science behind it.

    When he offered his theory 14 years ago that wind and sea conditions could explain the parting of the Red Sea, Nof said he received some hate mail, even though he noted that the idea could support the biblical description of the event.

    So Peter would have also, I suppose, been walking on ice until his faith
    wavered. Then Jesus reached out his hand to lift Peter unto a better chunk of

    Funny how the bible forgot this little piece of the story. Not so funny how
    easily I believed the guy the 1st time around with the Red Sea theory.


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