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    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    Bishop Bruskewitz: National Review Board.. who are these people?

    One of the members of the Board is Leon Panetta, who as a politician—both in the executive and in the legislative branches of the federal government—was devoted to promoting and fostering and permitting the heinous practice of abortion.


    Another one of the members is Dr. Michael Bland, who, as I understand it, is an employee of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Dr. Bland is a former priest. I don’t think, as of this present conversation, that he has ever been canonically laicized. He claims to have been a victim of sexual abuse by a religious superior in his religious order. But I don’t think that Michael Bland is in good standing in regard to the Church and in regard to his ordination.

    Why is Alice Bourke Hayes, the former president of the University of San Diego, on the Board? When she was at the University of San Diego, she put a known homosexual man in charge of religious studies; she also, as I understand it, had a Gay and Lesbian Club on her campus.

    Robert Bennett was known as a high-powered, very expensive Washington lawyer, who was the attorney for President Clinton through the time of the partial-birth abortion veto and through the episodes of sexual immorality in the Oval Office and through the whole drama of impeachment. What qualifies him to be on this Board? I don’t know.


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