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    Friday, April 07, 2006

    Pope Benedict : the Church of love is also the Church of truth

    Divisions among the faithful have been a sad experience of the Church since the earliest days, the Pope said, and the Church has been required to address those divisions, and admonish those who lose their faith, because "the Church of love is also the Church of truth."


    The Holy Father remarked that in the New Testament, the first epistle of St. John stands out for its emphasis on the love among Christians. Still, he observed, "the same voice addresses itself with drastic severity to those who were once members of the community, but are no longer."

    If necessary, to safeguard the faith the Church must break off ties with those who reject Catholic doctrine, the Pope said. The Church must always defend the true communion of believers, which "arises from the faith inspired by apostolic preaching." To do otherwise, the Pontiff said, would be to risk estrangement from the Holy Spirit.

    "Where the Church is, there is the Spirit of God," Pope Benedict told a crowd of 30,000 people in a wind-swept St. Peter's Square. "And there the Spirit is, there is the Church and all grace."

    Remember the opposition Pope John Paul received when he stood by the
    statement that the Church alone held the full means of Salvation?

    I wonder who will hear this from Benedict, and begin the valuable
    argument again. The status quo for our separated brothers and sisters is not
    tolerable, not in service to Truth.


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