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    Thursday, March 16, 2006

    It can feel lonely in North Carolina

    The 35 Catholic evangelists distributed St Patrick holy cards to the some 20,000 spectators who gathered in downtown Raleigh. On the front of the cards was a picture of St. Patrick and on the back a brief bio with an invitation to attend Mass at a Catholic Church nearby and receive free information about the Catholic Church.

    "Many people are not knowledgeable about Church history," said Karen Matthews. "They think St Patrick’s Day is about shamrocks and leprechauns. We want to bring back the spiritual aspect of the holiday and use the parade as a teaching moment to tell the world about one of the world’s great evangelists."

    This was the third year the group has marched in the Raleigh St Patrick’s Day parade, but this was the first year the group invited Catholic youth groups to compete for the Catholic Youth Evangelization Award. A youth group from St Luke’s the Evangelist Catholic Church in Raleigh won the trophy for their echo cheer. The words of their cheer are:

    We don't need no leprechauns
    We don't need no shamrocks
    Our Jesus Christ rocks
    We don't need no Blarney Stone
    Flesh and Blood we have been shown
    No shelieghleigh do we need
    Jesus Christ is all we need



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