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    Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    Catholics see too much

    What is it about Catholics that make them look a bit too hard for messages
    from heaven?


    Churchgoers first noticed it during Friday evening's mass; the image of Jesus's face on a piece of cloth hanging on the altar.

    Some parishioners say they can make out Jesus' whole face, while some just see his eyes and nose.

    "It didn't matter where I went I seen his face and it was just breathtaking, awesome," one churchgoer said.

    Others believe the face to be the Virgin Mary.

    "I can see a clear vision of the blessed Virgin Mary," one man said moment after seeing the face in the cloth.

    And some say they can't see a face at all.

    Henry Cole drove two hours from Charlottetown, but he can't see what everyone is talking about.

    "I honestly don't see anything. I see a cloth with wrinkles, but I'm not of the faith," Cole said.

    Parish Priest, Rev. Jim Willick, says that although he can clearly see the image, the occurrence will not be considered a miracle until at least another week.

    Another week? The Priest must have been mis-quoted. A cool iron would solve
    the problem.


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